Booking a Keynote Speaker?

This exhaustive, 24-page guide and planning checklist for booking a keynote speaker uncovers all the ins and outs - from choosing the right speaker to creating a backup plan in case they don't show up!

In this FREE guide and planning checklist we answer these important questions about booking a keynote speaker:

  • Why should I book a keynote speaker?
  • How do I book a keynote speaker?
  • Who are the bestkeynote speakers?
  • How much does a keynote speaker typically cost?
  • How much do name draw and celebrity speakers cost?
  • How far in advance of my event should I start working on booking our keynote speaker?
  • What is the best way to source keynote speakers?
  • What makes someone a good choice for a keynote speaker?
  • How do I minimize risk when selecting a keynote speaker?
  • How do I book a celebrity keynote speaker?
  • How do I get the most out of my keynote speaker?
  • Who are the top keynote speakers for 2016/2017?
  • BONUS: Also includes a complete speaker booking checklist!